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Viridian is a specialist Corporate Finance firm focussed on helping entrepreneurs realise the equity value in their business. This is achieved by providing long-term advice and support to the founders, directors and management team of the company.

Since 2003 we have helped our clients on a number of transactions including UK and International company sales, UK acquisitions, post-merger integration, equity funding and debt funding. We have also supported many businesses with the successful implementation of their growth strategy.

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EDI software: how to connect your network in hours, not months
EDI software: how to connect y
It is a time of dramatic change. Many small manufacturers and suppliers are reframing their supply chains and turning to EDI software after being hit hard by the COVID-19 pandemic and also Brexit.

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Unconscious Bias
Unconscious Bias
Leaked comments made on a conference call by Bill Michael, UK chair of accountancy firm KPMG, have ended in his swift resignation. It’s a big fall from a great height but watchers of these things seem to agree that his position was, as he came to a....
Is your supply chain agile?
Is your supply chain agile?
Why EDI flexibility is the answer to uncertainty in the age of Brexit and Covid-19...
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