Advice to Entrepreneurs

Advice and Support to Entrepreneurs

We are focussed on serving clients who are looking for advice and support in order to achieve their business and personal value objectives. This is often a time-consuming process so we are open about our long term commitment to the company founders and support to the business.

We believe that the company founders should be free to focus on innovation and management of the business. Consequently, Viridian will deal with enquiries from potential trade purchasers and private equity investors and also provides support in dealing with financial and legal advisers.

Many entrepreneurs struggle with a myriad of difficult issues and we frequently provide a sounding board to help them resolve those issues as they arise.

When taking on a client engagement we ensure the founders fully understand the business targets that need to be achieved so personal value objectives can be attained. This process also provides a useful reference point so the founders can see how the company is progressing during the growth phase.
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